Not Your Regular El Nido


Take a break from the crowd. We are more than just loud music, island hoppings with thousands of other tourists, or a touristy beach. In fact, Tapik is the opposite. 


Tapik Beach Park is a small guest house by the beach in a remote village Sibaltan on the eastern coast of El Nido municipality in the province of Palawan.  A secluded spot, where anyone can enjoy a little privacy and serenity. Our building structures and accomodations are mostly made of locally sourced indigenous materials, such as bamboo and coconut wood, and palm shingles, designed to blend with the natural landscape. Simplicity incorporated with local artistry. 


We have 5 cottages with private bathroom of descent standards with un-obstructed view of the beach. Beach Huts and camping tents are available for the more adventurous or on a budget. The place is small that we can only accommodate around 20 guest on high season.


Our place can be reached within an hour from El Nido town. The road is unpaved - but it's worth the adventure. 


The Sceneries and Cultural Heritage of Sibaltan


The word 'Tapik' means hard rock in local dialect. An Eco-Cultural place for anyone seeking retreat, peace, relaxation and new kind of experience. A place far away from the hustle and bustle of a city life.  A spot unspoiled by mass tourism where man and nature co-exist harmoniously. 


Sibaltan used to be a lazy fishing community where the folks are all acquainted with one another. Where the simplicity is a way of life and authentic Filipino hospitality is in existence.


Tapik is a small budget resort and secluded that you will practically have your own bigger piece of paradise. On the horizon lies a number of uniquely beautiful islands. Good snorkeling and diving sites can be found nearby. In fact, part of Sibaltan has been proclaimed as marine sanctuary because of rich and diverse marine life. 


Culutural and traditional experiences are also waiting to be discovered. The first ever Cuyunon (the most dominant and prevalent ethnic group of Palawan) museum is found in the area. Traditional means of livelihood are still embraced here in spite of modern technologies.  It's like travelling back in time. 


Our Staff


We may not have the most luxurious place in town but one of the things we take pride of is our staff. We have some of the best and the friendliest staff to attend to you during your stay with us. Our reviews in the internet will attest to that.

Almost all of our employees are locals of El Nido. It is our small way of contributing to the economic well being community.




What could be more relaxing than reading your books on a hammock by the beach or savoring the sea breeze in our hilltop under the trees, overlooking sceneries and seascape of eastern El Nido. Lets just say we have some of the better things that nature can offer - a little peace and serenity. Not to mention the  friendly people around.  


You can also do beach volleyball, beach soccer, kayaking, traditional fishing, kiteflying, frisbie, or simply be yourself.


Food, Drinks, and the Atmosphere 


A small bar and restaurant enough to cater a small group of guests, offers some of the freshiest catch from the sea and some of the tastiest Filipino cuisine. Cold drinks and beverages are also available anytime of the day. The service is more personalized. Or let's it's just like you're visiting one of your friends house. And during the night, our staff would love set up a special dinner and bonfire for you.


Experience Simple Barrio Life


Luxury need not be expensive. Nature has supplied us all the basics that we need, we just have to harness them. Just try not to set your expectations too high.  Going to Tapik is one of the ways you can partially disconnect from the world and connect with mother nature. Our facilities and ammenities are basic but in fact, this is all you need. 


Our Vision


To achieve sustainable development by involving the local community. We encourage people to value and appreciate what nature has given us, even at its simplest form. Tapik supports the advocacies and initiatives of the El Nido Tourism Office and the community of Barangay Sibaltan in promoting the Cuyunon culture, the innate beauty of Sibaltan and it's surroundings. We aim to help foster the place to become one of the primary eco-cultural destinations in El Nido and Palawan in general and help the locals get descent livelihood while helping in the preservation of its cultural and natural heritage all at the same time.  



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