The Locality

The village of Sibaltan is located about 45 km away from El Nido town about 1-1.5 hour by public transport. Tourism is just starting to flourish. The population live mainly by fishing, farming and recently on eco-cultural tourism.

Tapik Beach Park is about 10 minute-walk away from the village proper. Electricity is self generated and is only available from 6 pm-6 am. Our water is self produced and without hot shower in our bathrooms. . No aircondtioning, just electric fan and the natural breeze. 


Natural Setting


Being in a tropical environment, insects such as mosquitos, fireflies, dragon flies, and some other insects are common being a part of the natural ecosystem. It's better to have some insect repellant with you. As well as animals that feed on this insects like house lizzards, and gecko. Domesticated animals are also present nearby like chickens, turkey, dogs, cats, pigs, cows, carabao, and so on.




Cuyonon is the language commonly used by the folks in Tapik. Tagalog is widely  spoken and basic English for most of the locals.


Immigration Requirements


Visitors from most countries do not require a special visa, with stays of up to 21 days granted on arrival, provided that they have a valid ticket for their return or onward journey. Some information in the internet might help.




Its is always safer to bring some mosquito repellant lotions to protect against insect bites. No vaccinations are required unless you come from a cholera- or yellow fever-infected region, in which case a certificate of vaccination is required.


Mobile Phone Network


Please use Globe or Touch Mobile (TM) SIM cards in Tapik. Smart and TnT also works. 




Philippines being a tropical and humid, casual lightweight clothing ideally from natural fibers is most comfortable. And don't forget to bring your swimming gears in case you decide to get wet.


Internet Access


We have intermittent internet access. Internet can also be accessed in the village of Sibaltan, just a few minutes walk, with your smartphones using Globe network. Our apologies if we cannot provide you wifi internet as much as we want to. 


Acceptable Currencies


Philippine Pesos is the currency accepted but major currencies can also be accepted in Tapik. There is an ATM machine in El Nido that accepts ineternational ATM and credit cards. We also do accept major credit cards and Paypal as a mode of payment. 

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